[t]:thesis, [c]: conference, [j]: journal, [m]:magazine, [a]: archive, [b]: book, [p]: poster, [cd]: code

[t] Theodosis Mourouzis: Solving quadratic forms over the rationals. PART III (Number Theory Group) dissertation, University of Cambridge

[t] Theodosis Mourouzis: Optimizations in Algebraic and Differential Cryptanalysis. PhD Thesis, University College London.

[c] Nicolas Courtois, Theodosis Mourouzis: Black-box Collision Attacks on the Compression Function of the GOST Hash Function. SECRYPT 2011: 325-332

[c] Nicolas Courtois, Daniel Hulme, Theodosis Mourouzis: Solving Circuit Optimisation Problems in Cryptography and Cryptanalysis. IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive 2011: 475 (2011)

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[c] Nicolas Courtois, Daniel Hulme and Theodosis Mourouzis: Multiplicative Complexity and Solving Generalized Brent Equations With SAT Solvers. IARIA 2012: 22-27 (Best Paper Award)

[j] Nicolas Courtois, Daniel Hulme and Theodosis Mourouzis: Exact Logic Minimization and Multiplicative Complexity of Concrete Algebraic and Cryptographic Circuits. IARIA Journal

[c] Nicolas Courtois, Theodosis Mourouzis: Enhanced Truncated Differential Cryptanalysis of GOST. SECRYPT 2013

[c] Nicolas Courtois, Theodosis Mourouzis: Propagation of Truncated Differentials in GOST. SECURWARE 2013

[j] Nicolas Courtois, Theodosis Mourouzis, Michal Misztal, Jean-Jacques Quisquater and Guangyan Song: Can GOST be made secure against Differential Cryptanalysis ?. J. Cryptologia

[c] Nicolas T. Courtois, Theodosis Mourouzis: Advanced Differential Cryptanalysis and GOST Cipher. In the 3rd IMA Conference on Mathematics in Defence

[c] Nicolas Courtois, Theodosis Mourouzis, Anna Grocholewska-Czurylo, Jean-Jacques Quisquater: On Optimal Size in Truncated Differential Attacks., CECC 2014, Budapest, Hungary, 21 – 23 May 2014. 

[c] Nicolas Courtois, Theodosis Mourouzis, Guangyan Song, Pouyan Sepehrad, Petr Susil: Combined Truncated Differential-Algebraic Attacks against reduced-round SIMON. SECRYPT 2014

[b] Theodosis Mourouzis, Nicolas Courtois: Advanced Truncated Differential Attacks Against GOST block cipher and its variants.  Springer Book entitled as Computation, Cryptography and Network Security 2015.

[a] Theodosis Mourouzis, Guangyan Song, Nicolas Courtois, Michalis Christofi: Advanced Differential Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round SIMON64/128 Using Large-Round Statistical Distinguishers. Iacr eprint 2015/481

[c] Theodosis Mourouzis, Nicolas Courtois, Nikos Komninos: Advanced Truncated Differential Cryptanalysis of GOST Block Cipher, SSE 2nd Cryptography Conference organized by Hellenic Military Forces

[c] Theodosis Mourouzis, Nikos Komninos, Michalis Christofi: Towards a Combined Rotational-Differential Cryptanalytic Framework, SSE 2nd Cryptography Conference organized by Hellenic Military Forces

[p] Theodosis Mourouzis: Smart Card Access Control Engineering. International Crime Science Conference, London 2011

[p] Theodosis Mourouzis: Cryptography as Used in Operations. Counter Terror Expo, 24-25 April 2013, Olympia,London

[cd] Nicolas Courtois, Theodosis Mourouzis, Guangyan Song: Simon and Speck Ciphers C++ Implementation @

[m] Theodosis Mourouzis:  Automated Algebraic Cryptanalysis.  IT security magazine Hakin9 Extra 6/2012

[m] Theodosis Mourouzis:  Partial Exposure Key Attacks on RSA. IT security magazine Hakin9 Extra 2012

Theodosis Mourouzis:  Password Cracking: Theory and Practice. IT security magazine Hakin9 Extra

[c] Theodosis Mourouzis: “Multiplicative Complexity Reductions in Cryptography and Cryptanalysis”. Invited talk in Security of Symmetric Ciphers in Network Protocol, Edinburgh, May 25 – 29/2o15, Slides


[j] Theodosis Mourouzis, Nicolas Courtois: Hypothesis Testing and Advanced Distinguishers in Differential Cryptanalysis of Block Ciphers. Tatra Mountains, Mathematical Publications 64, 1-14 2016

[a] Theodosis Mourouzis, Marcin Wojcik, Nikos Komninos: On the Security Evaluation of Partial Password Implementations. CoRR 2017/Jan

[a] Theodosis Mourouzis, Chrysostomos Filipou: The Blockchain Revolution: Insights from Top-Management. CoRR abs/1712.04649 (2017)

[a] Theodosis Mourouzis, Kyriacos Pavlou, Stylianos Kampakis:The Evolution of User-Selected Passwords: A Quantitative Analysis of Publicly Available Datasets . CoRR abs/1804.03946 (2018)


Sigma Press regarding my achievement wining the 1st prize in the UK Code Breaking Competition

Guardian presenting DANOPT’s data analytics results on Eurobasket 2013

Featured on Phileleptheros newspaper regarding my work on Blockchain technology


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