(Erdos Number: 4)

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Project & Funding:

  • UK Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE): Security for the Internet of Things Challenge Phase I (Feasibility Study): Design of a data-driven authentication scheme.
  • Resilient Infrastructure and Building Security (RIBS/EU-FP7): Design of effective and viable integrated security measures aimed at protecting infrastructures without impacting on their business dynamics. (Link: 1.5M EUR
  • UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB): TSB’s Smart Scheme for designing novel device authentication methods in Android devices using physical unclonable functions and properties which are hard to clone (Oct 2013-Oct 2014) : Budget: 500K GBP
  • BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY FOR ALGORITHMIC REGULATION AND COMPLIANCE (BARAC):  Investigation of Blockchain technology for automating regulation and compliance by producing a proof-of-concept platform and operating knowledge transfer by means of a bottom-up cross-disciplinary approach developed together with industry and regulators. Budget: 0,6M GBP
  • Transport Analytics Centre of Excellence (TrACE) (Teaming – Phase I)TrACE aims to promote research, innovation and entrepreneurship in particular in areas such as transport planning and related policies, sustainable mobility, intelligent transport systems, green and sustainable transport, maritime transport and blue economy. These areas directly affect key aspects of Cypriot society such as the economy, the environment, tourism and the quality of life of citizens, and it is therefore expected that TrACE will make a significant positive contribution. Partners are the Ministry of Transport of Communications and Works through the Public Works Department, which is also the Project Coordinator, the Institute for Transport Systems (ITS), University of Leeds (UK), the Institute of Transportation Systems (DLR) (Berlin-Germany), the University of Cyprus (with the Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering and the Centre for Excellence in Research and Innovation KIOS) and the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM). Budget: 400K EUR


Instructor Experience

CIIM (Business School) (2015-2018)

  • Managing Information Systems (MIS) (MBA Level, MSc Management, MSc in Human Resource)
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Methods (MBA Level)
  • Statistics and Quantitative Research (MSc Management & MSc in Financial Services)
  • Introduction to Statistics I (BBA – Bachelor Level)
  • Information Security Management for Business (MSc in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics)
  • Research Methods (MSc in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics)
  • Blockchain Technologies Workshop (MSc in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics)

University College London (2012-2014)

  • Principles of Information Security (2013-2014) (postgraduate level – PhD students)
  • Applied Cryptography (COMPM064 2012-2014) (postgraduate level): Teaching Assistant and assistant in smart-cards laboratory.

Innopolis University (Russian Federation) (2017-2018)

  • Fundamentals of Information Security (2017-18) (postgraduates and 4th-year undergraduates)

University of Nicosia (Cyprus) (2017-2018)

  • Cryptographic Systems Security (2017-18) (MSc in Digital Currency)

Lloyds Maritime Academy (2018-2019)

Reviewer and Programme Committee

  • Computers & Security Journal (Reviewer)
  • Theoretical Computer Science Journal (Reviewer)


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